Ways to get reduce student loan debt With this web web page, you will find proposals to boost or change the method in which students borrow and repay their loans. For education loan and payment proposals through the past sessions of Congress, look at the Legislative Tracker Archive: Loans & Repayment. *NEW* S. 3055 – Pupil Loan Repayment Freedom Act Sponsor: Sen. Murkowski R-AKCosponsors: 2 (1D; 1R)Introduced: 12/16/2019NASFAA Overview & review: This bill would permit an educatonal loan debtor to go out of their income-based payment plan and repay under any kind of loan payment arrange for that they meet the criteria. *NEW* H.R. 5287 — Fair Education Loan Debt Collection Tactics Act Sponsor: Rep. Lawson D-FLCosponsors: 0Introduced: 12/03/2019NASFAA Summary […]