Revel Casino in Atlantic City Files for Second Bankruptcy Despite providing luxurious accommodations and several marketing overhauls, Atlantic City’s Revel Casino in brand New Jersey has failed to turn a profit. (Image: If the Revel Casino Hotel launched in Atlantic City in 2012, the city saw it as the start of a new era for the neighborhood gambling industry. Now, it looks as though the resort may decrease as one of the biggest failures in American video gaming history. The Revel Entertainment Group has filed for security from its creditors in a federal bankruptcy court, and has put the property up for auction in an effort to sell the casino before it is forced to shut. According to Revel, […]

Fertitta and Wynn Joining American Gaming Association for 2014 Station Casinos Chairman Frank Fertitta III are joining the American Gaming Association Board of Directors this along with Steve Wynn (Image: year) Just Take your seats and get ready for some head-whipping interplay between power players: the American Gaming Association (AGA) the Washington, D.C.-based main lobbying arm for the main casino conglomerates in America has some new constituents. It should make for an interesting year ahead since these casinos’ executives determine the course for gambling in the usa, and in particular, online gambling. Wynn Comes Back Joining this powerhouse organization a group tasked largely with persuading federal legislators to take action where it’s needed when it comes to gaming will […]

Massachusetts Casino Repeal Matter Approved by Court Massachusetts State Attorney General Martha Coakley opposed the repeal question, but says she welcomes allowing the voters to truly have a voice regarding the problem. (Image: Boston World) In Massachusetts, casino companies have actually faced a series of battles to be able to build resorts in the state. There have been town-by-town campaigns to win over local communities, plus in the situation of the more Boston area, a competition that is fierce just one single license. Now, operators will have an additional challenge ahead of those before they can sleep easy: a statewide repeal vote that could end casino gambling in Massachusetts before it starts. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that voters […]

UK Health Survey Shows Young Males Most at Risk for Problem Gambling While many Brits don’t consider buying a lottery ticket to be ‘gambling,’ well over 60 % have participated (Image: BBC) One in 20 British men between the ages of 16 to 24 can be categorized as either a moderate danger or a problem gambler, showing that teenage boys are particularly vulnerable to gambling addiction issues, in line with the British’s Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). Brits Like to Gamble The findings of the study that is recent the organization undertaken as part of a national public health study by the HSCIC summarized gambling as a ‘majority’ pursuit in britain and showed that 68 % of men […]